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About Low-E Argon Windows

Reducing an electric bill is not only good for a homeowner, but for the environment as well. Whether your interior climate is at odds with the freezing temperatures of winter or the stifling heat of the summer, low-E (low-emessivity) argon windows can significantly reduce the amount of electricity used in your home.
Low-E argon windows are designed to minimize the effects of the outside climate on the interior temperature. When they are used, the interior climate of a home can be maintained longer before the heater or air conditioning must kick in to readjust the temperature. This is partly achieved through a double- or triple-pane design. Unlike traditional, single-pane windows, multi-paned windows provide additional protection against air leakage.
Between each pane of glass, low-E argon windows contain argon gas. Argon gas is considerably more effective at reflecting heat than regular air. This means that unwanted heat is deterred from entering the home and interior heat is prevented from leaving. Whether in spring, summer, fall or winter, the result is a more stable climate within the home.
The glass in low-E argon windows also features a special glazing that further reduces heat loss. This low-E glazing is often referred to as a pyrolitic, and features unique properties that allow visible light to penetrate into your home while blocking UV light and infrared (IR) light.
Low-E argon windows can be tailored to deliver either a high or low solar gain. High-solar-gain windows are ideal for homes that are situated in cold climates. Low-solar-gain windows provide superior results in hot climates.
Expert Insight
The technologies involved in low-E argon windows result in a steeper price tag than that carried by traditional, single-pane windows. However, the extent of the savings on the homeowner's electric bill often results in net savings in the long run. If you plan on staying in your home for several years, the initial investment in low-E argon windows may be well worth the extra money.