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Qingdao Ruiming Blue Sky Energy Co. ,Ltd
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About Us

        Qingdao Ruiming Bluesky Energy Co., Ltd is located at Qingdao, the biggest seaport in China, owns the convenient shipping advantages.
        Ruiming are recognised by our customers as offering unparalleled technical knowledge & support resulting in the ability to provide cost effective and competitive solutions. We strive for our customers to enjoy working with us due to our friendly, reliable and professional attitude in all that we do.
        This web site is designed to give you a “feel” for the quality of Ruiming as a company and provide you with an overview and technical information of our product ranges. If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like any advice please feel free to contact us - we will do all we can to help.
        Main products:
1. Gas products: Argon gas, helium gas, hydrogen gas, Carbon oxide( CO2), propane gas, ect.
2. All kind of high pressure gas cylinder and welded gas cylinders:
        Oxygen Cylinder( GB 5099/ ISO 9809-3/ DOT/ EN standard gas cylinders)
        Acetylene Gas cylinder
        Liquid Chlorine Cylinder/ Liquid Ammonia Cylinder
3. Liquid nitrogen containers: all kinds of liquid nitrogen containers from 2L to 50L
4. Dewar Flask: 175L 195L 495L capacity liquid tanks
        Why People Buy From Us:
        Price We strive to offer the best all round value for money
        Quality Products chosen to match the high quality demanded by our customers
        Delivery We keep our promises, and if we can’t we let you know
        Reliability Products and advice that you can trust
        Reputation Our experience and technical expertise often results in customer referrals
        Range Comprehensive, we meet most needs
        Nice people Our customers tell us that they “like the people, they know their products and they are very helpful.”
        We Care How our customers view us and feel about us today decides our success or failure tomorrow

Mission: to deliver top quality products, technical expertise and service in order to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing a best value supply package.